Adjustment Techinques Used

Activator - An Activator adjusting instrument is a hand held tool that helps to give a very gentle adjustment. It delivers a consistent, low-force, high speed thrust.

Thompson - The Thompson technique is an adjustment performed on a table in which the supporting cushions drop an inch or two when thrust is applied to the spine. Subluxations are located by checking leg strengths with the legs straight, the knees bent or the head turned to either side.
Diversified Chiropractic Technique - Diversified technique uses a variety of adjustive techniques to detect "subluxations" and to create motion in a vertebral joint. Some of these mobilizing techniques are effective in the treatment of back pain.
Flexion-distraction Technique - Useful method of stretching the spine in a face down position on a table that allows manually applied flexion and traction to be applied to specific spinal segments.
Gonstead Technique - System of correcting pelvic and sacral "subluxations" to correct secondary subluxations elsewhere in spine. The problem areas are located by motion palpation.
Toggle Recoil Technique - Manipulation performed with a sudden shallow thrust(toggle) followed by quick withdrawal(recoil)of the chiropractor's hands while the patient is relaxed.

Types of Massages

Deep Tissue - Massage applied to the deeper, core layers of the body. Often using the elbow as well as thumb, finger and wrist pressure Deep tissue work helps with chronic pain and & injury rehabilitation.
Swedish - Very gentle and relaxing. The most common type of massage therapy. The massage therapist uses long, smooth, strokes, kneadng, and other movements focusing on the top layers of muscle .
Myofascial - Targets the membrane surrounding muscles, rather than the muscle itself. This procedure uses a slow, sustained stretch and gentle pressure to stretch the elastin in your fascia, breaking down abnormal collagenous restrictions. It is ideal for sports injuries.
Trigger Point - Trigger point are those "knots" and cramps in muscles. Trigger point massage therapy treats both muscle and deeper muscle attachments, ligaments, and connective tissues. It is closely aligned with eastern technique of acupressure.

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